Top Kayak Reviewed: The Benefits of Inflatable Kayaks

Image it’s a quiet summer morning on the river. The light fog rising from the water seems to glow as the golden sunlight of

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morning shines through it and onto the shimmering water. You think back on this trip. The blue heron that you drifted past.

The White Tail deer with her fawn still bespeckled with new born spots. You smile as you paddle to shore and carry your Sea Eagle 380x Inflatable Kayak to your Mini Cooper.

In five minutes you are packed and ready to head for home, kayak in the trunk.Inflatable kayaks, sometimes called collapsible kayaks, are wonderful for non-stop outdoor water fun and adventure.

They are ideal for both novice and seasoned kayakers and are growing in popularity for good reason. Let us examine some of their benefits.

1. Affordability: Inflatable kayaks are about a third of the price of hard-shell models. This is an especially good benefit for novice kayakers or those wishing for a second boat.


2. Design: They are available in all designs/styles appropriate for specific use. There are designs specifically made for fishing, touring, and whitewater rapids.

3. Durability: They are made from commercial grade polymers that are built to withstand the rough onslaught of whitewater rapids. With proper care a good inflatable kayak will provide you with years of pleasure on the water.

4. Maintenance: They are easy to repair if torn or punctured. This is important as even hard shell kayaks can become damaged. Also, replacement parts such as skegs and valves are readily available.
5. Performance: They are less likely to capsize because of their surface area. This was what drew me to inflatable kayaks. I’m not the most graceful kayaker and the extra stability was a plus.
6. Portability: The ease of transportation is a welcomed benefit. You don’t need a rack on top of your car to carry it about. Inflatable kayaks can be carried in a bag and fit easily on a car seat, in the trunk of a vehicle, and carried on just about any mode of transportation.

I’ve seen them on the back on a motorcycle! Try that with a hard shell. They can also be checked in as luggage at the airport when travelling. Also, inflatable kayaks can be toted in a backpack.

7. Safety: Because the kayak is air-filled and most have several compartments, sinking is less likely to occur.

8. Storage: There are many people who do not have the square footage to spare to accommodate a seventeen foo hard-shell kayak. Therefore, an inflatable kayak is a better option.

9.Versatility: One kayak can serve a multi-functional purpose and can be used for fishing, touring, and whitewater rapids.

So if you are looking to get into the growing sport of kayaking an inflatable kayak might be your best option. The reviews on this site should be able to give you guidance into choosing an inflatable that is right for you.